Tape, Filler & Adhesives

We have a huge range of fillers, adhesives and diy materials available both in-store & online. CHeck in-store for the full range today!

Duck 50mm x 50m All Purpose Masking Tape

Ideal For Use With Gloss & Emulsion

£4.99 inc VAT

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250ml Gorilla Glue

Flexible, Sandable and Paintable

£13.75 inc VAT

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Evo-Stik 500ml Impact Spray Adhesive

Fast Drying

£17.99 inc VAT

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400ml WD40 White Lithium Grease Aerosol

Non Drip Formulation

£12.65 inc VAT

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CT1 290ml Brown Silicone, Sealant & Grab Adhesive

Will Stick & Seal Virtually Any Material

£10.95 inc VAT

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Araldite Rapid Steel 2 x 15ml Tubes

For: Copper, Steel, Aluminium & Iron

£6.75 inc VAT

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600g Polycell Multi Purpose Polyfilla Ready Mixed

For Interior Use

£5.99 inc VAT

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400ml WD40 High Performance PTFE Lubricant Aerosol

Non-sticky Lubricant

£11.49 inc VAT

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Araldite Instant Clear 24ml Syringe

Instant Bond

£6.75 inc VAT

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Evo-Stik 250ml Timebond Adhesive

Easy To Spread

£13.25 inc VAT

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400ml WD40 Specialist Silicone Aerosol

For High Pressure Equipment

£12.99 inc VAT

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Sellotape 50m x 24mm Original Clear Tape

Strong & Sticky

£1.95 inc VAT

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