Grab Adhesives

We have instant grab adhesives for both interior & exterior use. Great for quick fastening of wood, brick, concrete, tiles, house signs, etc....

Unibond No More Nails All Materials Adhesive

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

£7.49 inc VAT

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Unibond No More Nails Permanent Strips

Pack of 10 Supplied

£4.45 inc VAT

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Everbuild 350ml PinkGrip Solvent Free Grab Adhesive

Sticks Most Things To Any Surface

£2.99 inc VAT

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Unibond 310ml No More Nails Interior Grab Adhesive

Our Top Selling Adhesive

£4.99 inc VAT

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295ml Gorilla Clear Multi Purpose Sealant & Adhesive

100% Waterproof

£8.10 inc VAT

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Everbuild Sika 350ml Multi Stick Grab Adhesive

Sticks Glass, Metal, Mirrors, Stone

£4.99 inc VAT

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Unibond 235g No More Nail Interior Grab Adhesive

Touch Dry In 10 Minutes

£3.60 inc VAT

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Unibond No More Nails Crystal Clear Grab Adhesive

For Interior & Exterior Use

£7.99 inc VAT

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