CT1 290ml Brown Silicone, Sealant & Grab Adhesive

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Product description

This Silicone, adhesive will stick virtually any material without the need for additional fixings
CT1 is the solution for all sealing
CT1 will bond materials such as; Glass, Mirror, Polystyrene, Wood, Metal and Lead
CT1 is resistant to chemicals and also prevents fungal growth
It wont react to sunlight and has a high resistance to vibration
It is food safe which complies to the ISEGA Standard and works in both wet and dry conditions
It can be used in marine and boating maintenance, it can also be used in emergency repairs
CT1 can be used in salt-water environments
There is no smell to CT1 and it does not shrink
You can paint CT1 and it wont react as it contains no solvents
It will instantly repair and bond fiberglass and carbon fibre materials
Size: 290ml
Available in a host of colours
Product Code: CT1 brown