Garden Insects

We have a entire range or products to deal with greenfly, blackfly and whitefly!

1L Fungus Clear Ready To Use Gun

Controls Blackspot & Mildew

£7.99 inc VAT

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200ml Rose Clear Ultra Concentrate

Kills, Controls & Prevents

£11.99 inc VAT

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480ml Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer

Kills & Prevents

£12.99 inc VAT

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250ml Bug Clear Fruit & Vegetable Insecticide

Effects Seen Within 1 Day

£11.99 inc VAT

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200ml Bug Clear Ultra For Fruit & Vegetables

Kills & Prevents Further Attacks

£11.99 inc VAT

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Doff 1L Rose Shield Bug & Fungus Killer

2 in 1 Action

£4.25 inc VAT

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Bug Clear 1L Ultra Gun for Flowers & Vegetables

Kills Bugs Rapidly

£5.99 inc VAT

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STV The Buzz Citronella Insect Burner & 6 Coils

Keeps Insects Away

£4.20 inc VAT

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Rose Clear 1L 3in1 Ready To Use Gun

Systemic Fungicide & Insecticide

£6.99 inc VAT

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STV The Buzz Window Fly Screen

Measures: 130cm x 150cm

£4.75 inc VAT

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Vitax 500ml Winter Tree Wash

Suitable For Fruit Trees

£13.99 inc VAT

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STV 600ml Ultra Power Ant & Insect Killer

Dual Action

£10.49 inc VAT

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