Kitchen Craft Microwave Pasta Steamer

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Product description

Cooking your pasta - fresh, filled or dry - is so easy with this 1.6 litre (54 fl oz) microwave pasta steamer
It features two sections - the base and a removable draining basket
All you have to do is fill the base with cold water, then fill the draining basket with your pasta
You never have to worry about cooking too much - its rim features an integrated spaghetti portion measurer for one and two servings
It's fantastic for when you've got limited time and space to prepare a meal - if you're at work, or at home on a lunch break
This microwave pasta steamer is designed to cook two servings of pasta in less than 12 minutes
Serving is just as simple
You can remove the basket and strain any excess water over a sink before plating or dishing up!
When your pasta's done, you can easily remove it from the microwave without being burnt
This steamer / cooker features an unlockable steam vent which allows steam to escape as your pasta cooks
The lid also helps to prevent food from splashing
Its sturdy construction makes it extremely easy to pick up and carry from the microwave with an oven glove
You can also use it as a microwave vegetable steamer
It's draining bowl is big enough to cook portions of fresh vegetables in the microwave
Includes a recipe for spaghetti with tomato sauce
Dishwasher & freezer safe
12 month guarantee
Features a 1.6 litre (54 fl oz) capacity
Product code: KCMPASTA